Saturday, November 8, 2008

User Pics Vs Knicks

Hahahahaha, can you spot the pink shirts! If so, you may have a future in being a telescope.

Pink Shirts vs Knicks

These are the blurriest, worst, most awful photos. They will surely end this blog's 3 viewers. Lets make it a game. Circle the guy in the pink shirts.

I came very close to getting some sweet closeups of pink shirts. However I chickened out at the last second so all I have is this garbage. There were many more, but I only had a limited amount of photos to take.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pink In Detroit

Pink Ties At Wizards Games Is Next

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pink Shirts: Game 1 Vs Nets

Here are the pics taken with my terrible camera, from very far away, on mega zoom mode. Makes it more anonymous and less likely to be sued by an angry PSer.

Phil Cheneir Starts Us Off On The Right Foot

Check Out That Guy
Can You Spot The Two PSers? They May As Well Be Sitting On Each Others Laps

Light Pink Is Still Pink

That Is Not A Woman

Pink Sleeve Guy...Or is That A 76ers Throw Back Warm Up

Send In Photos

I need your help! Send me photos of GUYS IN PINK SHIRTS AT WIZARDS GAMES!

I would also accept Caps games, Nats games, or SKins games...

This is mostly because I sit in the upper deck and all the PS Guys are in the lower level. Also I am very embarrased when I secretly take photos of people and therefore do not do it.

Any good stories about PS Guys are good as well

Game 1: New Jersey

Last night there were tons of GUYS IN PINK SHIRTS AT WIZARDS GAMES! I counted about 8. All in the lower section. One of the media guys had one on as well. One guy had a blue jacket with pink stripes on the sleeves.

Some terrible quality photos coming after work...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Guys In Pink Shirts At Wizards Games

The season is about to start and with it the newest Wizard's blog.

You've seen them around. The guys who wear pink to sporting events. Come on. Maybe at the dance club or church, but a sporting event. Society should have, and did for years, make it socially impossible for a man to wear pink. However some people are trying to break this worldwide tradition. And in the manliest of all settings, a sports arena.

So pictures are soon to come as the season starts...check back later!